Ultimate quality, durability and style

Engraving is at the top end of sign making and is often used when quality is of paramount importance. It doesn’t have to be expensive though and the possibilities these days go way beyond the traditional brass plaque.

Engraved signs supplied by Zedi Signs use the latest computer controlled systems to deliver consistently high quality of even the most complex designs.

Materials used include brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic, laminates and wood. Graphics and lettering can use colour via paint filling or chemical etching. Popular products that lend themselves to engraving include plaques, door plates, name plates, desk plates and reception/directory signs, Please view our dedicated gallery for examples of the type of engraved signs we can supply.

A variety of techniques are used depending on the material to be engraved and the level of detail required, including computerised CNC engraving, chemical etching and laser engraving

Call the Northampton engraved sign specialists today to discuss your requirements and to arrange a free, no obligation quotation. Phone us on 01604 231525 or e-mail us at sales@zedisigns.co.uk.


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